All other the world, every day, many feel the need to amuse the mind and uplift the spirit, while others like to get lost in the quiet of the woods or watch enchanted vineyards and olive groves combing expertlygentle slopesas well as steep slopes. There are also those who want to live at least a moment of quiet in a small village or in a simple cottage or the serenity of a monastery ...

All other the world, every day, there are many people who cannot imagine Umbria and its beautiful places.

Here, every day, when you wake up you can already feel privileged simply imagining ... to ride along the slopes of rolling hills in the silence and mild climate ... to taste the simple but elegant flavours, enhanced by generous oils and married to elegant but strong wines,... to lose yourself in the colours and lines with which also great artists have enriched the walls of these churches and palaces, adorning them with many simple stories told with that ability that still arouses and satisfies passions, pride and gratitude of those who observe so much wonder.

Anyone can enjoy these emotions, and is welcomed to " The Angiolo dwellings " small houses of hospitality scattered around the lovely land that is Umbria. You will be welcome guests in authentic, essential locations which are well integrated in the beautiful natural setting that from time immemorial cradles the art, the history and flavours of these places situated within the beautiful hills between the towns of Assisi, Spello, Foligno, Bevagna, Montefalco, Trevi, Spoleto not far from the haughty Todi, from the proud Gubbio, the laborious Norcia, the sweeping and nebulous Marmore Falls, the placid and rich lakes of Trasimeno and Piediluco. " The Angiolo dwellings " welcome you on the slopes of these hills, close to fascinating places as your most beautiful dreams, where the right balance between man and nature, between development and respect, still stands and preserves the harmony and the joy of a territory that has influenced and thus greatly inspired Benedict, Francis, Rita, Chiara so as to elevate them to become seducers of men in the name of God.

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