Lazy new realm : Fully automatic electric toothbrush.

Lazy new realm : Fully automatic electric toothbrush.

Three minutes is the dentist's recommended brushing time, mainly to ensure that each tooth is adequately cleaned. But how many people can brush twice a day and brush three minutes each time?


It's important to develop the habit of brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, although brushing your teeth is usually a matter of minutes, but for lazy people, electric toothbrushes may be more comfortable. As the "realm" of laziness continues to improve, electric toothbrushes also need to make some improvements.

And now you can be lazy. A new fully automatic electric toothbrush appears. This automatic electric toothbrush, similar to an athlete's braces, reduces the work to 10 seconds! In 10 seconds, all the teeth are covered and cleaned thoroughly, and the removable handle is used to provide vibratory power and toothpaste.


It is completely waterproof and supports charging, which can be used for up to one month at a time. The bristles can be changed in three to six months (The specific situation depends on the usage of the user.).


The toothpaste is liquid, could use other liquid toothpaste that you like to be replace.


This Automatic brush is made out of three parts:

The Mouthpiece
Sophisticated arranged bristles
Flexible, antibacterial material
Built-in micro-channels



Just connect the host to the toothbrush portion and install the liquid toothpaste, put the part of the toothbrush into your mouth, and then and you can brush your teeth when you turn on the switch. The toothpaste passes through a tube covered with a brush to cover every position of the tooth, the whole process can be completed in about 10 seconds.With your hands free in this 10 seconds, you can do anything else you want to do.


Looking at an fully automatic electric toothbrush like a tooth socket, you can brush your teeth in 10 seconds.

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